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To help you locate a specific article or find articles on a particular topic, the staff of Skokie Public Library has developed an online index to issues of the Skokie Review from 1984 to the present; Life: Skokie edition from 1978 through October, 2004, when it ceased publication; and The News from 1960 and 1963 to 1984, when it ceased publication.

Microfilm of other newspapers published in the Skokie area as well as The News and Life: Skokie Edition are in the collection, but are not indexed.  The holdings are not complete and for some issues only a few dates are available. A summary of the Library’s holdings is listed below.

An online obituary index is available to help you locate obituaries which appeared in Skokie papers. The index will retrieve citations to obituaries appearing in the Skokie Review from 1981 to the present; The News from 1960 through 1984 when it ceased publication; and Life: Skokie edition from 1980 through October, 2004 when it ceased publication. The Skokie Newspaper Index may also include citations to relevant news articles for prominent individuals.

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Sections Indexed

  • News articles and items
  • Opinion and editorial columns relevant to Skokie
    No indexing prior to 1995
  • Internet information (if pertaining to Skokie)
  • Wedding and engagement announcements
    Limited indexing prior to 1995
  • School information (award announcements) and articles about local school districts
  • Articles about local arts and performances
  • Articles which reference Skokie residents
  • Business section (any reference to a Skokie business)
  • Sports (all local teams including private schools and Oakton Community College)
    Limited indexing prior to 1995
  • Obituaries

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Sections Not Indexed

  • Advertising (including classified ads)
  • Police blotter
  • Letters to the editor
  • Campus news
  • School digest (announcements of meetings, performances)
  • Home and gardening articles
  • Movie schedules, movie reviews, video listings
  • Arts calendar
  • Travel
  • Calendar of upcoming events
  • Recipes and articles about food
  • Gossip columns

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Search Tips and Examples

View a brief (4 minute) screencast demonstration on how to locate an obituary using Library resources.

  • Searches may take thirty seconds or more to return results.
  • Searches are not case sensitive.
  • Personal names in the Author field are entered first name followed by last name, while personal names in the Name field are entered last name followed by first name.
  • To help form your search, view an alphabetical list of subject headings used in the index.
  • The search form will combine terms from multiple fields. If you need to combine terms within a field, use .* instead of and.
    Example search in the Subject field: school.*budget
    Search results: Citations for articles about local school district budgets

    Note that word order is important. A subject search for budget.*school will return no results.

  • Remember: Skokie entities like the Skokie Board of Trustees or Skokie Public Library, and the names of Skokie schools are indexed as Subjects; all other names of organizations, businesses, or people are indexed as Names.
  • Abstracts are only available for articles published between 1980 and 1994.

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Viewing Full Text Articles Found in the Index

For the full text of articles or obituaries, visit the Library or contact the Reference Desk by phone at 847.673.3733 or by email. The full text of articles in the Skokie Review may be available at their website or via the Newsbank database.

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Skokie Area Newspapers in the Library Collection

Niles Township local newspapers (scattered issues collected by the Skokie Historical Society)
  Chicago Sun-Times Supplement: Sensational Skokie
November 9 thru 14, 1958
  The Daily News
October 9, 1924
  The Greater News
January 13, 1928
  Greater Niles Center News
October 16, 1925
     May 20, 1927
     November 11, 1927
     February 27, 1931
     April 20, 1931
  The Life
December 27, 1956
  The Lincolnite
August 22, 1929
  The Morton Grove News
May 6, 1927
  National Weekly
December 12, 1885
  The News
April 13, 1933
April 27, 1933
  News (Skokie)
Includes Greater News and Skokie News

      1930 thru 1939
      1943 thru 1945
      1950 thru September 27, 1984
  The News of Skokie, Morton Grove, Lincolnwood, Niles, Golf
October 16, 1942
April 22, 1949
  Niles Center Herald
November 11, 1927
November 13, 1931
May 6, 1932
May 20, 1932
April 21, 1933
  The Niles Center Press
November 11, 1927
     1931 thru September 27, 1940
  Niles Township Press
November 28, 1955 thru February 9, 1959
  Skokie Life
Includes Life of Niles Township, Sunday Life, and Weekend Life
March 6, 1941
October 9 thru 16, 1941
     1949 thru October 21, 2004
  Skokie Press
October 4, 1940 thru June 27, 1952
  Skokie Review
April 1954 thru December 2004 (on microfilm)
2005 thru the present (in print)
  Sunday Star
February 15, 1959 thru November 6, 1966
  Village News
March 28, 1957
Includes Villager Press
April 17, 1958 thru April 28, 1959

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If you have questions or concerns about the Skokie Newspaper Index or the Skokie Obituary Index, please contact the Library's Reference Desk by phone at 847.673.3733 or by email.